What types of room reservations are permitted?

Individual Reservation – May include, but is not limited to the following:
♦ Family Gathering (i.e., Birthday Party, Baby Shower, Reunion, Graduation Party, etc.)
 Non-Fee Based Clubs/Groups (i.e., Scouts, Book Clubs, School Activities/Groups, etc.)
♦ Other Non-Fee/Revenue-Based Intent (i.e., Remote Working, Business Meetings, Group Collaboration, etc.)

Program/Service Provider – The reservation holder is inviting/advertising for attendees to participate in an activity where they or a designee will be instructing/sharing information. This may or may not include fees being charged.
♦ Offering a program/service is permitted with an approved partnership with the Town of Superior.
♦ A Program Proposal is required for all program/service offerings taking place at the Superior Community Center.
 ♦ If you would like to explore options for partnering with the Town of Superior to offer your program or service, please complete the Program Proposal application. Email the completed form to TOSPROS@superiorcolorado.gov
♦ Rooms will be reserved by the Recreation Supervisor once the Proposal is approved.

Non-Profit Organizations – These types of reservations are permitted where the purpose of the reservation provides a mutual benefit for both the reservation holder and the Town of Superior.
♦ Admission fees may not be collected on Town of Superior Property.
♦ Donations and or fundraising may be collected with prior approval from Town management.
♦ If you would like to explore options for partnering with the Town of Superior on a Non-Profit room reservation please submit your request via the Community Center Contact Form.
♦ Reservations may be completed online with an adequate description of intended use in the Reservation Type prompt during the reservation checkout process. Staff will reach out if a conflict is discovered when reviewing the information provided.

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